2010 loving warning to leaders in the world (A new prediction)

Dear ChenjianXiaoqi.:

People has seen the terrible Haiti earthquake at the beginning of year 2010,when and where  will the next great disaster tack place ”? this is the hot topic in this period ,of course ,it is also the wonder question that all countries’ s top leaders eager to know.

We had talked many times in our “2009 public prophecies ”(website:   )and “2010 loving warning to the world” (website:   )  about place ,time and which kind of tragedy will occur future . in order to avoid creating large unnecessary scare to general public, We can not talk exact time and location publicly, only when top leaders of each countries come to visit ,can we tell their country’s coming disaster as well as the solving plan.

We are a family ,I love all of you.


first February 2010


We proved master YunFeng’s prediction which include airplane crash/accident prediction (Asian,Africa, Europe, and America), earthquake (happen frequently) prediction (pay close attention to Europe and America), international official death prediction, weather prediction and so on. Haiti earthquake prediction also was proved.His precious prophecies like a light in the darkness lighting up the difficulty road ,giving hope of life and peace to entire humankind.

YunFeng’s prediction witness: Chen Jian, Xiao Qi

Three great predictions will keep on going

—-Loving warning to the world of 2010 from prophet Yunfeng

In the old oriental, great Chinese scientist ,philanthropist, disaster prophet, hermit, spiritual master and model— Yunfeng, careless about fame and profit, he taking his prophecy as a useful way to heal the world, helping countries to preventing nature disaster unselfishly, saving human being from dangerous by knowing it in advance, whole world feel his universal love and warm .In 2009 ,prophet Yunfeng’s 3 great predictions—airplane crash/accident prediction, earthquake prediction, international official death prediction all was proved. his precious prophecies like a light in the darkness lighting up the difficulty road ,giving hope of life and peace to entire humankind.

In Jan 1.2010 , Master Yunfeng give warning to the world again with love : 3 great predictions ,airplane crash/accident prediction, earthquake prediction, international official death prediction ,will come to true continually ,please pay attention continually about it. wish all global people care prophet Yunfeng and his warning, wish president Obama have formal meeting with Master Yunfeng, wish all countries’ s top leader have formal meeting with Master Yunfeng in order to benefit their country and their people.

Introduction of master Yunfeng’s prediction:

First: introduction of master Yunfeng’s Airplane crash/accident prediction

In feb 2009,master Yunfeng left a message ,he wrote:” Airplane crash/accident will take place frequently this year in Asia, African, Europe, America, please pay attention to it .”the prediction article’s website is .this special emphasis is a remind of the events that will happen in the future .in 2009,very soon after his prophecy, French airline crash ,Yemen airplane crash ,Iran airline crash shocked the world. According to rough statistics, there are altogether over 220 small and big airplane crash/accidents in 2009.the website of the detail is:

Second : introduction of master Yunfeng’s earthquake prediction

In June 2009, master Yunfeng predicted that earthquake would occur very frequently in the world , he reminded particularly paying close attention to Europe and America area. prevention work of disaster should be take” , the website of the detail is: .later 2009, many earthquake news was heard from media, Indonisia and Haiti earthquake proved master Yunfeng ’s predition. the website of the detail is: .

third : introduction of master Yunfeng’s international death prediction

In July 2009,when Master Yunfeng chat online, he mentioned that “by observing the astronomical phenomena , this year many death news about Ministerial person (include people equal to Ministerial person) in the world and people up this grade would be heard , later from Zhuo Lin( widow of China’s late leader Deng Xiaoping),Philippine former president, Corazon Aquino, Former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, to Edward M. Kennedy, U.N. official dead in Haiti earthquake, many famous stars left this world. the website of the detail is: .

Comments: life is priceless, safe is priceless .humankind sames so weak when meet large disaster. having a safe and peace world is all humankind and all countries leader’s dream, yet the right way did not been found so far, even president Obama .human being suffer a lot because can not predict nature hazards ,even U.N. official dead in Haiti earthquake can not avoid. very luckily, now Chinese prophet Yunfeng can predict large nature disaster like airplane crash/accident, earthquake, death .there are many news again and again prove his correct predictions. due to his universal love and unique study fruition , it is undoubtedly worth that all scientists and countries’ s leaders to pay attention and formal meeting. to solving nature hazards and keep people from its suffer, the most effective method is Master Yunfeng’s disaster prediction. meanwhile ,his love can point a future direction to humankind. We should appeal to president Obama have formal meeting with Master Yunfeng , all countries’ s top leader have formal meeting with Master Yunfeng in order to preventing hazards and benefit their country and their people.

Note: in case of legal consideration and avoiding make scare to relative area and people ,so master Yunfeng always did not write his airplane crash/accident prediction, earthquake prediction, international official death prediction both in very detail and publicly.

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About Haiti Earthquake

Dear President Obama:
I’m Chen Jian from china who contacted you for many times since 2008. I want give Chinese prophet Yunfeng’ words to you for love information .see ,In early 2009, after master Yunfeng predicted “Asia, Africa, Europe, and America” air crash and air accident, air crash and air accident happened frequently in the world more than past years. This kind of disaster will happen continuely . But this year even one single air crash did not happen in China. You  should deeply think its reason. this is only one example of prophet Yunfeng’ power .I have important news to you here.

On Jan 7, 2010. prophet YunFeng sent two special data to me as bellow:

What is the meaning , can your guess it? And why I send to you?
On Jan 11, 2010, I sent a letter to white house. The letter expresses three predictions which will validate continually. very soon, On Jan 12. 2010, 7.0 earthquake happened in  Haiti which made great loss in the history. was that 20100111-20100112?then what is the second data’s meaning? can you understand its meaning? And why I send to you? It’s your decision, it just dependent on you. dear president. Every prophecy will come to true. believe my words. please!

The world should have one mutual spiritual leader. He must get all people’s respect  include religious people and religious leader. If so, terrorist attack and terrorist organizations will disappear and the whole world of course , even your country will come to peace. Otherwise, United States will not get rid of threaten which comes from terrorist. The world cannot get peace. The spiritual leader is master Yunfeng who can predict disaster, weather, earthquake, and air crash. He is a compassion angel of god. If you want to solve Afghanistan and Central Asia’s problem, then you must trust and depend on Master YunFeng.

As a president, you said “United States prepare to help Haiti” in the first time. I can feel  your  heart. You are a people who understand love and are a president in USA. You should know the world needs one mutual spiritual leader He will lead people find intercommunity in all religions. He can lead people who understand the love and their life.  love will be only one rule and religion, and we are taking action by prophet Yunfeng’ teaching.

Recent several years, disasters happened frequently in the world. Death rate increases year by year. If the world  do not have people who can predict weather, earthquake, and air crash, then this earthquake disaster also happen possiblely in USA. It does not only hit Haiti or only China. If white house be damaged in earthquake, then how do you deal with the situation. This disaster will cause huge lose in the society .very Fortunately, California magnitude 6.5 earthquakes happened in USA did not bring big loss. This was a miracle. I have sent lots of letters to USGS and other earthquake research center. But there was not response for that. Mr. Obama Please think that you become president in the beginning  in 2009,why  you always get good luck ? I think you must formal visit Yunfeng with your soul.

I am an 80s man, and I love the world. I have a suggestion to you. You should solve problem by your soul, and you should show your love to the whole world. The war cannot solve anything. The key is the world should have uniform spiritual leader.

Master Yunfeng is yellow skin people. In the history, only Chinese can predict future thing and get accurate result in the world. Master Yunfeng is a such kind angel who can help you a lot and always blesse you, before and now you even do not know. I hope you can get master Yunfeng’s blessing forever.

I am an emissary of universal love, Chen Jian, Master Yunfeng’s only contact channel in the world.


2010-01-18 | Unique Spirit Leader — Master YunFeng

Jan 8.2010,after letter sent。Jan 12,Haiti 7.0 earthquake happened,over 100,000 people die!

Jan 15.2010,second letter sent,
20100111-20100112-201001217,pay close attention this data, and realize that!

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