Pay attention to Barack Obama’s future


Dear President Obama :

It is definitely a gross erroneous policy that U.S.A government interference in Afghanistan’s presidential elections. In essence, religious culture between Christian and Islam has essential differences. so, it is impossible for Christians and  Moslems share same viewpoint. For the time being, strategy of the U.S.A to treat Arab states is totally wrong, no even single U.S.A  politicians like Arab. Only fraternity, love without distinction  can be accepted by them. currently, through policy way, U.S.A  can not solve Afghanistan ‘s affairs, only the world’s spiritual leader Yunfeng can solve Taliban and  Afghanistan ‘s issue perfectly by soothe all impetuous heart through his universal philanthropy as well as cool down violence flame.

What Master Yunfeng’s care is cosmos and human beings, he has the unique ability which nobody has. last year  prophet Yunfeng firstly declare his “earthquake will frequently take place in the world” prediction, later , earthquake organization take his prediction for reference and then went public. All the earthquake organizations clone and borrowed Master Yunfeng’ s prediction. yet they had made awful mistake, Master Yunfeng is not only study earthquake disaster. he is leading us to save the earth and soul. this is our mission. according to the previous examples if  people did not respect Master Yunfeng, they got very bad end even lost their lives. when Master Yunfeng offer Charity to others, it mean the person’s fate is go to a turning-point. if they does not obey Master Yunfeng’s words, they will go to hell. office term of President is very short and limited, and they also can not predict their future . they are not savior, only Master Yunfeng ’s fraternity can be accepted by all people.

Dear President Obama, a great disaster will happen in china near soon. Master Yunfeng’s prediction is very precise, he can not give his china disaster prediction publicly due to china’s law and rules, so we wish you communicate with Chinese president due to your influence, inform  Chinese president (Jin Tao Hu) that “in year 2010,huge injure and lost will occur in china, wish Chinese government do  disaster Preparedness and relief work before it happens. the detail such as exact time and place of future disaster ,only can be told after visit and meet Master Yunfeng.”

Dear President Obama, please introduce the world’s spiritual leader– Master Yunfeng  to entire world as early as possible.

Master Yunfeng had held out olive branch to you , if you can not follow his requirement, you will find it difficult to keep your head above water.

Truly yours



美国政府干预阿富汗的总统选举是 极端错误的决定。从最根本上讲,基督教与伊斯兰教两者的宗教文化有着本质的区别。所以,伊斯兰教的教徒不可能与基督教的教徒站在同一个观点之上。从目前来 看,美国对待阿拉伯国家的战略是完全错误的,美国的政客没有一个是受阿拉伯喜欢的。仅有“博爱”是被他们接受的。如今,在阿富汗这件事情上,美国通过政治 已经无法解决了,只有世界精神领袖(云峰大师)用他的博爱抚慰世人浮躁的心灵,以及浇灭世人暴戾的火焰。那样,塔利班以及阿富汗的问题才能得到完美地解 决。

云峰大师的心中是宇宙和人类,而 且他具备别人不具备的能力。云峰大师在去年,是最早公布地震频发预言的。之后,地震机构所说的地震频发,都是在参考云峰大师所说的话。之后,他们才公之于 众的。世界上所有的地震机构在克隆云峰大师的预言,剽窃云峰大师的预言,但他们恰恰犯了天大的错误,大师不单单研究地震灾难。他正带领着我们拯救地球、人 心,这是我们的使命!从以往发生在云峰大师身边的事例上来看,人如果不敬重云峰大师,结果是非常悲惨的,甚至会丢失性命。大师在博爱他人时,说明此人即将 遇到自己命运的转折点,如果他们不按照云峰大师所说的话做,那么他们将会走入地狱。元首的任职是非常短暂的,而且不能够未卜先知,他们不是救世主,也只有 云峰大师的博爱才能被别人接受。

奥巴马,中国即将发生一场很大的 灾难,云峰大师的预言非常精确,因为中国法律,他不能公开他的中国灾难预言,希望你用你的权利与中国元首胡锦涛沟通,告知他“中国在2010年 有重大伤亡灾难出现,希望中国政府事先做好防灾救灾的准备,精确的时间地点等详细情况,只能拜见云峰大师,方能告知”!

奥巴马,请你尽快向整个世界公告 以及推出世界统一精神领袖–云峰大师。

云峰大师已经向你伸出了橄榄枝。 如果,你不能做到大师的要求;那么,奥巴马你将遭遇到灭顶之灾。




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