Master Yunfeng predict“such kind of heavy loss of great man/high leaders still will take place in the future ,even worse.”

At the beginning of this year, in my article “Loving warning to the world in 2010 from prophet Yunfeng” (visit my blog:——, Master Yunfeng  reminded the world “3 great predictions— Airplane crash/accident prediction/ earthquake prediction/ international death prediction will keep on going” ,as all we know this period, Master Yunfeng’s 3 great predictions was proved many times. the most famous case was polish president plane crash tragedy. this accident proved Master Yunfeng’s Airplane crash/accident prediction and international death prediction at same time. Many of the courtry ’s top leaders and elites died together. Master Yunfeng predict“such kind of  heavy loss of great man/high leaders still will take place in the future ,even worse.”

Also, on 7th,april,2010 when I  sent letter to U.S.A president Obama (visit my blog:——, I wrote:“Dear President Obama, a great disaster will happen in china near soon. Master Yunfeng’ s prediction is very precise, he can not give his china disaster prediction publicly due to china’s law and rules, so we wish you communicate with Chinese president by your influence, inform  Chinese president that “in year 2010,huge injure and lost will occur in china, wish Chinese government do Disaster Preparedness and Relief work before it happens. the detail such as exact time and place of future disaster,only can be told after visit and meet Master Yunfeng.” Very soon later, Qinghai

Earthquake occurred, proved master yunfeng’s prediction and his Jannuary mentioned mistic number “7”. (visit my blog:——

All master Yunfeng’s these great predictions will still be proved in the future. many big event will happen in the future. only visit and meet Master Yunfeng, can people really be able to get out of the huge disaster.

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