Next Big Earthquake in USA (Prediction Proved)

Proved: California Earthquake 5.1  magnitude(May 20)

Amazing triangle for proving predicted Chile earthquake (Look this)

letters to 31 nation media for pending big earthquake in USA

2010 loving warning to leaders in the world (New Prediction)

2010 loving warning to people in the world

People has seen and proved the terrible Chile earthquake on Feb 27 of year 2010, “When and where will the next great disaster take place”? This is the hot topic in this period, of course, it is also the wonder question that all countries’s top leaders eager to know. In order to avoid creating large unnecessary scare to general public, we cannot talk exact time and location publicly, only when top leaders of each countries come to visit.We can tell their country’s coming disaster as well as the solving plan.

We are a family, I love all of you.

———————–Master YunFeng

Chen Jian, Zhang Qi

28 February, 2010


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