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Summarize a part of "Top Kill" — Flooding and Zhou Qu Fearful flood in 2010

Fearful flood in 2010 Pay attention to Barack Obama’s future — Top Kill (Prediction) Dear President Obama, a great disaster  will happen in china near soon. Master Yunfeng’s prediction is very  precise, he can not give his china disaster prediction publicly due to  china’s law and rules, so we wish you communicate with Chinese […]

Prediction of Plane Crashes in China Proved

All Chinese, we must love in the world.(Realize from plane crash in China) On June 26 2009,prophet yunfeng reminded attention to Asia -African -Europe  airplane disaster (mentioned on Feb 20,2009) should increase to asia africa, europe  and american area.The scope is enlarged.He knows about all details ,but can not tell publicly for avoiding fear in […]