Prediction of Plane Crashes in China Proved

All Chinese, we must love in the world.(Realize from plane crash in China)

On June 26 2009,prophet yunfeng reminded attention to Asia -African -Europe  airplane disaster (mentioned on Feb 20,2009) should increase to asia africa, europe  and american area.The scope is enlarged.He knows about all details ,but can not tell publicly for avoiding fear in society.French airway tragedy attracted world’s attention,many airplane accident and crash event has been recorded in our blog .Recently Yemen airway bad news happened,later,IRAN airplane crash shocked world again.let us see what will happen in future,we will know the meaning of the prophet’s words.



Prediction of Two Airline Accidents in China

March 8th, 2009, Master YunFeng revealed airplane accident would take place in two place when he chat with friend through internet. Meanwhile, he inform the direction. One would be southwest china, west of Shannxi province , another would be near Beijing. Soon, his foretold was proved:

1.  Chongqing air bus breakdown on air line, hundreds of passengers  have to remain  unwillingly.

this accident happened at 8:20 Am ,March 29th

2.  passenger plane of Air China hit lounge bridge when slidding in Beijing Capital International Airport

this accident happened at 16:40 Pm ,March 29th

Also, according to chat record we can find that the 2 foretold accidents mentioned at same day took place on same day, accident revealed firstly happened. Also ealier, this reserved information is worthwhile our to think. From 20th february the day seer YunFeng gave airplane accident prophet to now, airplane tragedy occurred very frequently,include many great crashes,we can seeform media that people are very fear of airline safety. Master yunfeng had told us still many air tragedy would be heard in future frequently. Because it is too much, he can not explain one by one. Also,he does not want cause scare in public, this he always emphsis. His ability will shock whole world, only when CEO of airline companies visit him for get to know their future safety status, in case of prevent in advance. You also can try to leave a message to him, sincerely ask his blessing for safety of your family member, friends and yourself.



(July 21, July 27, and July 31 and Aug 12 in 2009), Prophet YunFeng called to Shenzhen airlines, talk to customer service (Mr Wu) and mentioned their air crash prediction, he told them, “your plane company will happen big accident in the future”. Prophet YunFeng require particularly, the CEO of Shenzhen airlines must contact him. During this time, Mr Wu proved some accidents which were not seen by people outside of Shenzhen Airlines. Mr Wu admire prophet YunFeng. But, Mr Wu cannot transfer prophet’s words to the CEO. Is this system problem? Does the customer service understand love.

We can see a part of reslut below:

Nov 30, 2009, Ze Yuan Li (Boss of Shenzhen airlines) got trouble from his economic problem and was pinned by the cops for investigation.

Jan 5,2010, vice president of ShenZhen Airlines (Mr Long Chen) was resigned for individual health problem. His requirement was accepted by board of directors.


Final reslut

The Henan Airlines flight took off from Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang province, on a short flight to Yichun City, 360 kilometers away (224 miles) away near the Russian border, Xinhua said.


深航人士向记者证实,张沛目前任河南航空董事长、深航副总裁,而与河南地方政府联姻后的新公司,仍将由深航控股。公告显示,根据深航与河南省政府达成的战 略合作协议构想,鲲鹏航空已完成主运营基地、住所地的变更程序,并正式更名为河南航空,原鲲鹏航空的所有债权债务则由变更后的河南航空承受。

Henan Airlines (Chinese: 河南航空; pinyin: Hénán Hángkōng, formerly Kunpeng Airlines (Chinese: 鲲鹏航空有限公司; pinyin: Kūnpéng Hángkōng Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī), is a regional airline based in northern China. Kunpeng was originally founded as a joint venture between Shenzhen Airlines of China and Mesa Air Group of the United States and was also the largest sino-foreign regional airline in China[1]. In 2009 Mesa Air Group and Shenzhen terminated their agreement and Shenzhen announced that the airline would be renamed Henan Airlines.


For the great sage YunFeng’s blessing, plane crash did not happen since 2004 in China (except military planes).

We already send message to airlines company all over the world:

A letter to airline company’s CEO

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