Summarize a part of "Top Kill" — Flooding and Zhou Qu Fearful flood in 2010

Fearful flood in 2010
Pay attention to Barack Obama’s future — Top Kill (Prediction)

Dear President Obama, a great disaster  will happen in china near soon. Master Yunfeng’s prediction is very  precise, he can not give his china disaster prediction publicly due to  china’s law and rules, so we wish you communicate with Chinese president due to your influence, inform  Chinese president  (Jin Tao Hu) that “in year 2010,huge injure and lost will occur in china, wish  Chinese government do  disaster Preparedness and  relief work before it happens. the detail such as exact time and place  of future disaster ,only can be told after visit and meet Master  Yunfeng.”

Dear  President Obama, please introduce the world’s spiritual leader– Master Yunfeng to entire world as early as  possible.

Master Yunfeng had held out olive  branch to you , if you can not follow his requirement, you will find it  difficult to keep your head above water.

you will find it  difficult to keep your head above water=Top Kill=灭顶

2010 China floods

The 2010 China floods began in early May 2010.[7][8][9] 392 people had died, and a further 232 people had been reported missing as of June 30, 2010,[10][11] including 57 people in a landslide in Guizhou. 53 of the deaths occurred from the flooding and landslides between May 31 and June 3,[12] and 266 deaths occurred between June 13 and June 29.[13] 424 people were killed by the end of June[10], including 42 from the Guizhou landslide; 277 more were killed and 147 left missing in the first two weeks of July,[14][15][16] bringing the death toll as of August 5 to 1,072[3][5]. A landslide in early August in Gansu killed at least 1,435 people and left 330 missing. More than 305 million people[17] in 28 provinces, municipalities and regions[1][3][10], especially the southern and central provinces and regions of Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Chongqing Municipality, Gansu, Sichuan and Guizhou, and the northeastern province of Jilin have been affected, while at least 4.66 million people[18] have been evacuated because of the risk of flooding and landslides in the latter half of June.[6][19][20][21][22] By early August, over 12 million people had been evacuated

Zhou Qu fearful flood killed>1144

Zhou Qu Fearful Flood
Zhou Qu Fearful Flood
Up to 8 12 2010, the vast flood of Zhou Qu area(China Gan Su province) had killed 1144 people, over 600 people disappeared, 5508 houses were destroied and over 20 thousand people live in tents.
I Love You, I Love You All, We Are Family.
I hope Barack Obama formal visit prophet YunFeng right away. That’s important to him.
Contact: Chen Jian
Cellphone: (646)861-9042

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