Henan Tai 12 students were injured during the earthquake evacuation

earthquake? Earthquake!

nearly 5 pm yesterday, the Zhengzhou city gently shaking a bit. Statement on the earthquake in the street spread like wildfire … …

At the time, Agricultural Road, located in Zhengzhou City, the eastern section of the office, reporters feel a slight shaking of buildings, the clock on the computer display is 16:58 . Since then, the newspaper into a hotline phone rang across the province have readers call reflects a clearly felt.

“was a significant quake, the first second, the second lasted four seconds.” Zhoukou people call the phone the first time Mr. Zhao.

“earthquake! My breath and rushed down the 13th floor.” Lives in Garden Road, Zhengzhou City, the hedge timely response.

“5 点 felt strongly that students panic to escape the house, a large number of students on campus stop, panic mood has not disappeared.” Zhoukou Teachers College from the North Campus a text message sent to the people care … …

network, discussions about the earthquake raged … … have asked, there are concerns, but also to pray. Reporter order found in Henan Changyuan, Lankao, Kaifeng, Weishi and other places have felt in response to different degrees. The Shandong Dongming, Liu F, Jiao Park, three spring was also felt in towns and other places.

17 时 12 points, China Seismological Bureau, the official news website: “According to the China earthquake measuring, Beijing at 16:58 on October 24, 2010 Taikang Zhoukou City in Henan Province, Fugou County, Xihua County border (latitude 34.0 north, longitude 114.6) 4.7 earthquake occurred, focal depth 8 km. ”

province biggest earthquake in 30 years

5 pm yesterday am, reporters rushed to interview Seismological Bureau, hospital, emergency personnel are assembled, a variety of large equipment continue to be packing the car. In the 3rd floor conference room Seismological Bureau, Seismological Bureau deputy director Liu Yao Xing is with the State Seismological Bureau video dialogue.

“The earthquake is the largest province in 30 years time.” Seismological Bureau deputy director, according to Liu Yao Xing described, in general, larger earthquakes are related to fracture a relationship. Tai region belongs to Hebei, Henan, Shandong, where the handover, according to the location of the earthquake, the main faults in the intersection of the two. Including one for the east-west: from Xuchang to Tai, Yanling’s fault; also to the northeast section: from Tai, Shandong Cao County to the fracture. “This earthquake occurred at the intersection of these two places to.”

reporter learned that, since August 2, 1980, Linxian of Henan Province once the territory of 4.7 (Ms) earthquake since the province yesterday’s earthquake was the largest in 30 years occurred in a earthquake.



International earthquake forecast & research Center’s Document No.1(Master YunFeng’s Prediction + Warning)

Big earthquake which cause heavy death and injure will happen in this year.  If you want to know exact time and location, then you can contact me.

Note: Only right person can get the result (exact time and location ). Like leaders of countries or earthquake department.


New Earthquake Prediction in 2010
New Earthquake Prediction in 2010

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