Deeply Disclose Prophet YunFeng’s Predictions

The Love Warning in 2011 (Prophet YunFeng’s Prediction)

Story Published–5.0 Magnitude Quake Hits NW China’s Xinjiang

Special 7 (Master YunFeng’s earthquake prediction proved)

Deeply Disclose Prophet YunFeng’s Predictions

Only particular people can understand prediction. Published prediction information is basic, and people should understand those predictions by their heart. When people become our family, prophet YunFeng will point you depending on your situation. Such as: Financial Companies, Chairman YunFeng can tell accurate stock predictions, gold predictions, and so on.

“2011 Love Warning” sage YunFeng mentioned which relative earthquake, weather, world disasters, culture, life, politics, economy, military, disease (research scope of Nine Research Centers).

As we all know, terrible Egypt politics disaster made oil prices increase (even each one increase to $100), gold prices increase, stock prices decrease. The Suez Canal is a way that oil must pass through from Middle East. If the situation gets worse, then the oil supply will break. The stock market may going short in USA. Prophet Yunfeng‘s prediction and our voice were monitored and sorted out by them. Those people want to get more profit from that information. They are politicians and financial groups in every country.  Prophet YunFeng’s prediction is a head of this industry chain. They do not know owe Sage YunFeng anything. Because of that, many people die when natural disasters are coming. They spend a lot of people by researching prediction, monitoring our voice, sort out predictions, and collect countries’ information. You, our future families, if you spread out Sage YunFeng’s love and tell all your family, friends, Medias about Prophet YunFeng. How big love can you get from “YunFeng”? “YunFeng” is a sign. NOTE: YunFeng’s prediction can solve hundred-thousand people even whole country’s difficulty they could not find solution.

Let’s look back “2011 Love Warning” Prophet YunFeng mentioned on Jan 1, 2011.

1. The world weather disasters will happen frequently.

2.”Earthquake Happen Frequently” continually, strong earthquakes will happen frequently.

3. The politics will not steady in the world.

4.”Terroristic act” higher enough that before

Almost that relative news was reported by news agency every day. Last several years, Prophet YunFeng mentioned air accidents and air crashes.  Air plane fell down one by one. This year, he did not say about that. Those air crashes just happen a little bit.

At the same as politics problem, world weather disasters happen frequently will make future price increasing, earthquake happen frequently will make estate price decreasing, and so on.

Now, do you understand the value of “2011 Love Warning”?








All readers, we all have family, and we have own parents, children, wife or husband, relatives, and friends. We love them. We all hope these people are healthy and peace. We all sympathize that all countries and our fellow countryman who met natural disasters and human disease. Besides sadness, have you ever thought how to avoid those natural disasters for people who you love?

Depends on experts? It does not work; they cannot find any natural law about big disasters.  Mr Peng, a science expert of United Nation Weather Organization told me that “Do not say one hundred percent, it is a great myth in the world even predict accurate of big natural disaster is 50%”.

We will set up “YunFeng Charity Fund” in North America. But, we do not have enough people. We hope more and more friends and fellow countryman really become our family. We can do our best for love and for our earth. Government provides disaster relief that is necessary. However, we want to make preparation before disasters come and make our contribution for the world.










靠专家?靠不住,重大灾难是没有规律可循的,曾经有联合国气象组织科学专家告诉我“不要说100%, 对重大自然灾害的预测准确率即便达到50%就已经是震撼世界的奇迹了.”反过来,我们回想一下你所了解的“云峰预言”精确率!


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