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2008 (Winter) |The Prediction of USA’s Winter in 2008

YunFeng mentioned on Nov 12, 2008, these are cut pictures on QQ (I published on Nov 16, 2008; Below is YunFeng’s word 恬淡虚无=YunFeng 恬淡虚无  21:13:26 你知道寒冬会怎么样?  Do you know how does the severe winter? 恬淡虚无  21:13:50 会死人  People will be pass away. 取暖问题  keep warm problem 柴油的储备—diesel oil store 恬淡虚无  21:14:08 美国做好啦冬季取暖柴油的储备啦吗?Has the […]

Prediction of 2008 hurricane in USA (Summer)

(2008-07-28 18:46:50) 恬淡虚无 (YunFeng) 证人是起码的 The testifier is necessary and basal. (2008-07-28 18:46:55) 豆豆 (doudou: some internet user) 好 Ok (2008-07-28 18:47:26) 恬淡虚无 (YunFeng) 美国东部西部 夏季冬季有令人恐慌的灾难发生 There are disaster of scary and frightening that will be happenend at summer and winter in east and west of USA. (2008-07-28 18:48:01) 恬淡虚无 (YunFeng) 近一个月东部有天灾—飓风,龙卷风,雷电—- There are hurricane, […]

letter to earthquake research orgnization

Dear sir: nice to know you .we are members of one Chinese research team.earthquake hazards prediction is one of our study field.our orgnizor ,master Yunfeng,research earthquake in a very special way,he predicted  SICHUAN WENCHUAN earthquake took  place  in china on 12th May, 2008. In June 2009,our leader foretold that earthquake would occur very frequently in the […]