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2008 (Winter) |The Prediction of USA’s Winter in 2008

YunFeng mentioned on Nov 12, 2008, these are cut pictures on QQ (I published on Nov 16, 2008; Below is YunFeng’s word 恬淡虚无=YunFeng 恬淡虚无  21:13:26 你知道寒冬会怎么样?  Do you know how does the severe winter? 恬淡虚无  21:13:50 会死人  People will be pass away. 取暖问题  keep warm problem 柴油的储备—diesel oil store 恬淡虚无  21:14:08 美国做好啦冬季取暖柴油的储备啦吗?Has the […]

Prediction of 2008 hurricane in USA (Summer)

(2008-07-28 18:46:50) 恬淡虚无 (YunFeng) 证人是起码的 The testifier is necessary and basal. (2008-07-28 18:46:55) 豆豆 (doudou: some internet user) 好 Ok (2008-07-28 18:47:26) 恬淡虚无 (YunFeng) 美国东部西部 夏季冬季有令人恐慌的灾难发生 There are disaster of scary and frightening that will be happenend at summer and winter in east and west of USA. (2008-07-28 18:48:01) 恬淡虚无 (YunFeng) 近一个月东部有天灾—飓风,龙卷风,雷电—- There are hurricane, […]

A international death prediction

In July 2009,when Master Yunfeng chat online,he mentioned that “by observing the astronomical phenomena , this year many death news about Ministerial person (include people equal to Ministerial person) in the world and people up this grade would be heard ,for this is not his this year’s main prediction,I did not pay attention on it,but […]

letter to earthquake research orgnization

Dear sir: nice to know you .we are members of one Chinese research team.earthquake hazards prediction is one of our study field.our orgnizor ,master Yunfeng,research earthquake in a very special way,he predicted  SICHUAN WENCHUAN earthquake took  place  in china on 12th May, 2008. In June 2009,our leader foretold that earthquake would occur very frequently in the […]

AAEA airplane crash and accident predition

“Asian, Africa, Europe, and America” airplane crash and accident prediction! Also, it displays proved prediction. This reserved information is worthwhile our to think.

Three great predictions will keep on going

In the old oriental, great Chinese scientist ,philanthropist, disaster prophet, hermit, spiritual master and model— Yunfeng, careless about fame and profit, he taking his prophecy as a useful way to heal the world, helping countries to preventing nature disaster unselfishly, saving human being from dangerous by knowing it in advance, whole world feel his universal love and warm .In 2009 ,prophet Yunfeng’s 3 great predictions—airplane crash/accident prediction, earthquake prediction, international official death prediction all was proved. his precious prophecies like a light in the darkness lighting up the difficulty road ,giving hope of life and peace to entire humankind.