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Prophet YunFeng’s Love (Disease Prediction Proved)We can save people. Who support us?

Hello, I sent two email on July 1,2010 and today. You can check this email address Below is content of email which I sent today. Also, I attached two sample pictures which verified I sent email on July 1, 2010. First of all, I sent email to,,,NCID@CDC.GOV,,,,,,,,,mprc- On June 30, 2010 or July 1,2010 […]

The world must have one mutual spiritual leader (Realize by 911)

The world must have one mutual spiritual leader (Realize by 911) The world should have one mutual spiritual leader. He must get all people’s respect  include religious people and religious leader. If so, terrorist attack and terrorist organizations will disappear and the whole world of course , even United States will come to peace. Otherwise, […]