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Pay attention to Barack Obama’s future (Prediction Proved)

BP attempts to plug Gulf of Mexico oil leak with mud in ‘top kill’  technique BP is on the verge of trying to plug the Gulf  of Mexico oil spill with a “top kill” procedure  that could take two days to complete. The latest effort to stem the leak  comes as two congressman said warning […]

Next Big Earthquake in USA (Prediction Proved)

Proved: California Earthquake 5.1  magnitude(May 20) Amazing triangle for proving predicted Chile earthquake (Look this) letters to 31 nation media for pending big earthquake in USA 2010 loving warning to leaders in the world (New Prediction) 2010 loving warning to people in the world People has seen and proved the terrible Chile earthquake on Feb 27 of year 2010, “When […]

International Disease Control Center’s Document No.1 (Prediction + Warning) In the summer of 2010, a big disease will happen in the world.

International earthquake forecast & research Center’s Document No.1 (Prediction + Warning) Big earthquake which cause heavy death and injure will happen in this year.  If you want to know exact time and location, then you can contact me. Note: Only right person can get the result (exact time and location ). Like leaders of countries or earthquake department.

Greatest New Prediction in 2010 (Realize that)

People should cheer and be thinkful for May 12, 2010. Master YunFeng told us, nine departments were built under the YunFeng Fund.(Why did Master YunFeng mentioned those nine departments???) They are International earthquake forecast & research center International weather research center World disasters research center International culture research center International lives research center International political […]

At least 158 feared dead in India plane crash At least 158 feared dead in India plane crash (CNN) — At least 158 people are feared dead after a passenger jet overshot a runway, crashed into a valley and burst into flames in southern India on Saturday morning, officials said. 2009-03-08 | Two Air Accidents in China. 2009-03-29 | Validated “Two […]

President Yar’Adua died in Nigeria Three great predictions will keep on going — third : introduction of master Yunfeng’s international death prediction President Yar’Adua died in Nigeria